The Herban Buffalo Product Line

At The Herban Buffalo, we cultivate from our own genetic seed and clone stock to bring you the best small-batch smoking hemp grown in America. This season, we selected an extra sugary male from our Fruity Pebbles line to pollinate a few select ladies, and the results are world class CBD phenos. Don’t settle for field grown, air-dried biomass. Our four-season, climate-controlled greenhouse and proprietary curing techniques bring consistent quality and the freshest cannabis possible to you, full of the sun-grown terpenes you deserve. Here is what's currently available on the farm. 

Grapefruit Punch

The tropical, citrus smell of grapefruit and the fuels of the og line, mixes with the energetic effects of this cross giving you a great daytime smoke. Up to 21% total cannabinoids.

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Fruit Rocket

Spicy ginger foreground with underlying hints of hibiscus and green tea. This amazing flower will ease your nerves, night or day, with calm and clarity. Up to 26% total cannabinoids.

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Fruity Pebbles

Reminiscent of tropical berries and lemon zest, the euphoric effects of these buds will keep you happy when stressed, and help you sleep when troubled with insomnia.

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Our select “Colorado” cut of Ac/Dc rivals that of any other. Bred in the Rocky Mountains, her aroma is comparable to a breath of high alpine wildflowers with a touch of sage. With a rich cannabinoid profile, Ac/Dc has been found to help counteract the effects of chemotherapy.

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Sour Cherries

One of our favorites from "seasons past'' is revitalized with our amazing sugar male to produce a unique one-of-a-kind smoking experience to ease your worries. Sour Cherries offers aromas of cherry notes with hints of cheese and black pepper.

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COA's and Pricing

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